Come with me on a Journey
Through the highways of the mind
Where shoulds, and coulds, and mundane things
are always left behind

We'll sail the sea of misery
Climb the mountains of despair
Plough through the forest of self-doubt
humid sadness in the air

Boughed and bent and weary
as we struggle day to day.
Sometimes slipping neath our burdens,
But we always find a way.

Ever onwards, ever upwards,
Never stopping lest we find,
We're making no more progress
Than the blind who follow blind.

But wait, this arduous journey,
is not always what it seems.
What to one's a bitter nightmare,
May be others pleasant dreams.

For each storm there is a rainbow.
Life's lessons are an open book.
We discover in the blessings,
To be found if we just look.

This one's strength, and this one's courage.
Here's compassion, empathy.
all is salted with some wisdom,
and the knowledge that we're free.

Free to weep and wail or worry.
Or to take another track.
Reaching out to grasp the nettle,
then it cannot hold us back.

And when our light is fading,
And the journeys almost through,
Will we sit and nurse our blisters
Or admire the glorious view.


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© 2004 SpiritWings